About CBD

The Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CoE) at Southeast University in cooperation with IBM STG University Alliances is the first CoE in the world and the only one in China, and is now organizing CBD2014 to promote the cooperative cloud research and industry development.

About CoE

Background of CoE

In consideration of the advantages and foundation of Southeast University, IBM has decided to choose us as a cooperator. Then the first Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CoE) in the world and also the only one in China was built in 2012 with the supporting of IBM. After the establishment of CoE, we will carry out all-round cooperation in computer science and engineering.

The Significance of CoE

CoE is a model that Chinese education cooperates with International leading company. Our cooperation will bring a lot of positive educational and social benefits such as solving employment of university graduates, promoting scientific and technological innovation and so on.

The main work of CoE

Research of core technologies in cloud computing

  • Virtualization technology
  • Big data storage and processing
  • Resource management of cloud platform
  • Cloud security

Personnel training in cloud computing

  • Disciplinary construction
  • Cultivate graduate students

Construction of cloud industry

  • Develop technology applications and industry platforms
  • Enhance CoE's core industry competitiveness
  • Promote industrialization of scientific research achievements

International academic exchange in cloud computing

  • Organize international workshop in cloud computing
  • Maintain an exchange platform of cloud computing community