CBD 2014 Program

Nov. 19, 2014 (Wednesday)
12:00-21:00 Conference Registration Lobby
18:30--20:00 Welcome Dinner Huiyuan Dining Room


Nov. 20, 2014 (Thursday)
09:00--09:20 Opening Ceremony Huizhou Hall
Chair: Junzhou Luo
09:20--10:20 Keynote Speech 1 (Prof. Yi Pan)
Parallel Computing on Clouds - Issues and Solutions
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Jieyue He
10:20--10:40 Tea/Coffee Break
10:40--11:40 Keynote Speech 2 (Prof. Qun Jin)
Personal Big Data Analytics and Individualized Sustainable Utilization in Ubiquitous Cloud Environments
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Xiao Zheng
11:50--13:15 Lunch (Buffet) Feicui Dining Room
13:30--14:15 Technical Forum Speech 1 (Dr. Wanli Min)
An Analytical Path to Big Data
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Yun Wang
14:15--15:00 Technical Forum Speech 2 (Mr. Xiandong Meng)
Deployment and Management of Enterprise Workloads in a Cloud Environment
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Yun Wang
15:00--15:45 Technical Forum Speech 3 (Mr. Larry Liu)
Second Generation Platform of Big Data and Applications
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Yun Wang
15:45--16:30 Technical Forum Speech 4 (Ms. Liping Xu)
The Techniques and Applications of Big Data Analysis in MIC
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Yun Wang
16:30--16:45 Tea/Coffee Break
16:45--18:15 Session 1: Big Data and Applications I Jianjiang Hall
Chair: Haiyan Wang
Session 2: Cloud Computing and Applications Shuaishui Hall
Chair: Wei Zheng
18:30--20:30 Banquet Huangshan Dining Room


Nov. 21, 2014 (Friday)
09:00--10:00 Keynote Speech 3 (Prof. Keqiu Li)
Research on Large-scale RFID Application Problems
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Xiang Fei
10:00--10:20 Tea/Coffee Break
10:20--11:20 Keynote Speech 4 (Mr. Armstrong Ying)
Cloud Computing Ecosystem Trend & Hybrid Cloud in the Industry
Huizhou Hall
Chair: Jiuxin Cao
11:30--13:00 Lunch (Buffet) Feicui Dining Room
13:30--15:30 Session 3: Big Data and Applications II Jianjiang Hall
Chair: Xiujun Wang
Session 4: Data Center Networking Shuaishui Hall
Chair: Zhiang Wu
15:30--15:45 Tea/Coffee Break
15:45--18:15 Session 5: Cloud Computing and Security Jianjiang Hall
Chair: Jin Wang
Session 6: Social Computing and Service Computing Shuaishui Hall
Chair: Jinhui Zhang
18:30--20:00 Supper Huiyuan Dining Room


Nov. 22, 2014 (Saturday)
8:00-18:00 Free Talk
18:30--20:00 Supper Piyunbaibian Hotel


Sessions Program

Session 1: Big Data and Applications I

Date/Time:Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 / 16:45—18:15
Chair: Haiyan WangLocation: Jianjiang Hall
16:45-17:00 Data Locality-Aware Query Evaluation for Big Data Analytics in Distributed Clouds
Qiufen Xia, Weifa Liang and Zichuan Xu
17:00-17:15 Scaling Information-Theoretic Text Clustering: A Sampling-based Approximate Method
Zhexi Xu, Zhiang Wu, Jie Cao and Hengnong Xuan
17:15-17:30 An Effective Method for Mining Quantitative Association Rules with Clustering Partition in Satellite Telemetry Data
Xin Dong and Dechang Pi
17:30-17:45 Examination of Ex-dividend Day Trading Using Big Data of American Depositary Receipts
Bi-Huei Tsai
17:45-18:00 A Parallel Algorithm to Mine Abnormal Patterns from Satellite Data
Xu Yuhang and Pi Dechang
18:00-18:15 A Score based Approach towards Improving Bayesian Network Structure Learning
Yan Tang and Zhuoming Xu


Session 2: Cloud Computing and Applications

Date/Time:Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 / 16:45—18:15
Chair: Wei ZhengLocation: Shuaishui Hall
16:45-17:00 Strategy-Proof Auction Mechanism with Group Price for Virtual Machine Allocation in Clouds
Yonglong Zhang, Bin Li, Zhiqiu Huang, Jin Wang, Junwu Zhu and Huanfeng Peng
17:00-17:15 Data Placement and Task Scheduling Optimization for Data Intensive Scientific Workflow in Multiple Data Centers Environment
Mingjun Wang, Jinghui Zhang and Junzhou Luo
17:15-17:30 Energy-saving Task Scheduling Strategy Based on Vacation Queuing Theory in Cloud Computing
Chunling Cheng, Jun Li and Ying Wang
17:30-17:45 Deadline Constrained Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Workflows in Clouds
Wei Zheng and Shouhui Huang
17:45-18:00 I-sieve: An Inline High Performance Deduplication System Used in Cloud Storage
Jibin Wang, Zhigang Zhao, Zhaogang Xu, Liang Li, Hu Zhang and Ying Guo
18:00-18:15 A Combinatorial Auction Based Collaborative Cloud Services Platform
Xiaowei Zhang, Bin Li and Junwu Zhu


Session 3: Big Data and Applications II

Date/Time:Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 / 13:30—15:30
Chair: Xiujun WangLocation: Jianjiang Hall
13:30-13:45 Near-optimal Approximate Duplicate-Detection in Data Streams over Sliding Windows for the Uniform Query Frequency or Membership Likelihood
Xiujun Wang, Xiao Zheng, Zhe Dang, Xuangou Wu and Baohua Zhao
13:45-14:00 MyBSP: An Iterative Processing Framework Based on the Cloud Platform for Graph Data
Chao Liu and Hong Yao
14:00-14:15 Energy Consumption Data Based Machine Anomaly Detection
Hui Chen, Xiang Fei, Sheng Wang, Xin Lu, Guoqin Jin, Weidong Li and Xuyang Wu
14:15-14:30 Protecting and Analysing Health Care Data on Cloud
Danan Thilakanathan, Yu Zhao, Shiping Chen, Surya Nepal, Rafael Calvo and Abelardo Pardo
14:30-14:45 Research of Big Data Space-time Analytics for Clouding Based Contexts-aware IOV Applications
Di Zheng and Kerong Ben
14:45-15:00 An Image Processing System Based on Heterogeneous Embedded Multicore Processors
Liang Zhang
15:00-15:15 Multi-Q: Multiple Queries Optimization Based on MapReduce in Cloud
Ding Ding, Fang Dong and Junzhou Luo
15:15-15:30 Cost in the Cloud Rationalisation and Research Trails
Kahina Hamadache


Session 4: Data Center Networking

Date/Time:Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 / 13:30—15:30
Chair: Zhiang WuLocation: Shuaishui Hall
13:30-13:45 SA-TCP: A Novel Approach to Mitigate TCP Incast in Data Center Networks
Yongmao Ren, Jun Li, Guodong Wang, Lingling Li and Shanshan Shi
13:45-14:00 Data Center Multicast With High Stability
Ye Shen, Jing Feng and Zhanfeng Wang
14:00-14:15 Improved Directed Diffusion Protocol Based on Visible Forwarding Path and Promoted Evaluation Criterion
Yan Gu, Liang Ma, Jie Guo and Dahai Jing
14:15-14:30 Research on Undirected Double-loop Data Center Networks
Yebin Chen, Ying Li, Weipeng Tai and Xiao Zheng
14:30-14:45 SSNF: Shared Datacenter Mechanism for Inter-Datacenter Bulk Transfer
Yu Yang, Rong Wang and Zhijun Wang
14:45-15:00 NVLAN: A Novel VLAN Technology for Scalable Multi-tenant Datacenter Networks
Yang Hu, Huiba Li and Yuxing Peng
15:00-15:15 Network Coding Aware Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Network
Yan Gu, Han Han, Dahai Jing and Jie Guo
15:15-15:30 An Node-to-Set Disjoint Paths Routing Algorithm in DCell Networks
Xi Wang and Jianxi Fan


Session 5: Cloud Computing and Security

Date/Time:Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 / 15:45—18:15
Chair: Jin WangLocation: Jianjiang Hall
15:45-16:00 SLDP: A Novel Data Placement Strategy for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Hadoop Cluster
Runqun Xiong, Junzhou Luo and Fang Dong
16:00-16:15 Efficient Auction Mechanism with Group Price for Resource Allocation in Clouds
Yiyi Ma, Bin Li, Yonglong Zhang and Junwu Zhu
16:15-16:30 A Mapreduce Task Scheduling Algorithm for Deadline-constraint in Homogeneous Environment
Yi Yang, Jiao Xu and Fei Wang
16:30-16:45 Advances and Future Challenges in Electric Power Big Data
Yindong Yang and Zhongqin Bi
16:45-17:00 Entropy-based Denial of Service Attack Detection in Cloud Data Center
Jiuxin Cao, Bin Yu, Bo Liu, Fang Dong and Xiangying Zhu
17:00-17:15 Inferring Application Type Information from Tor Encrypted Traffic
Gaofeng He, Ming Yang, Junzhou Luo and Xiaodan Gu
17:15-17:30 Efficient Approximate Search Using VGRAM over Encrypted Cloud Data
Lidong Han and Changhui Hu
17:30-17:45 Distributed Key Management Scheme Based on ECC for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Jiuru Wang and Haifeng Wang
17:45-18:00 A Novel Method to Detect Encrypted Data Exfiltration
Gaofeng He, Tao Zhang, Yuanyuan Ma and Bingfeng Xu
18:00-18:15 An Intrusion Detection Model Based on Deep Belief Nets
Ni Gao, Ling Gao, Quanli Gao and Hai Wang


Session 6: Social Computing and Service Computing

Date/Time:Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 / 15:45—18:15
Chair: Jinghui ZhangLocation: Shuaishui Hall
15:45-16:00 Efficient Parallel Community Detection in Large Edge-intensive Networks
Guangliang Gao, Zhan Bu, Zhiang Wu, Yuan Li and Jie Cao
16:00-16:15 Social Recommendation Algorithm Dynamically Adaptable to User Profiling for SNS
Weimin Li, Yikai Ni, Minye Wu, Zhengbo Ye and Qun Jin
16:15-16:30 Geographic Location-based Service Reliability Prediction
Haiyan Wang and Jun Qian
16:30-16:45 A Personalized Service Recommendation Algorithm for Service Functionality
Wei Li, Di Hu and Junzhou Luo
16:45-17:00 A Novel Similarity Measurement Approach Incorporating Clusters of Intrinsic User Groups in Collaborative Filtering
Liang Gu, Peng Yang and Yongqiang Dong
17:00-17:15 The SOM based Improved K-means Clustering Collaborative Filtering Algorithm in TV Recommendation System
Zhaocai Ma, Yi Yang and Fei Wang
17:15-17:30 A Group Member Search Method based on Dispersion Analysis
Qiang Yang, Huang Bing, XiaoJun Zeng and Jianfeng Liu
17:30-17:45 A Monitoring and Prediction Model of Workflow Based Self-adaptive Software System
Xiaowei Zhang, Bin Li and Junwu Zhu
17:45-18:00 Load-balancing Data Distribution in Publish/Subscribe Mode
Kai Li, Yun Wang and Yi Yin
18:00-18:15 Collaborative Filtering for Recommender Systems
Qidong Liu, Ruisheng Zhang, Rongjing Hu and Yongna Yua
18:15-18:30 Improved GEP Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Li Kunlun, Wang Jun, Song Jian and Dong Qingyun